Adventure in the Treetops


Adventure in the Treetops



Reggie Courage and the mini magnets set off on a camping trip to Redwood Forest, when they discover the Monn family’s treetop adventure course, ‘Monkey Mates’, has been damaged in a forest fire. Reggie and the mini magnets take on the gigantic challenge of rebuilding the Treetop adventure and breathe life back into the forest.

Join Reggie and the mini magnets on this epic adventure filled with bravery, creativity, wisdom and self-discovery. In order to rebuild Monkey Mates, they have to test each tough high-rise challenge on the course, and some prove trickier than others. Reggie and the mini magnets are faced with the challenge of overcoming their fears and finding creative solutions to overcome these obstacles. Each challenge brings new lessons and once again the magnets show that with teamwork, trust and love they are unstoppable.

Take another trip with Reggie as he unites with the mini magnets on this enthralling adventure.

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